We Are Dedicated to Providing The Hightest Quality of Services and Products

To meet our clients’ needs, we have full range of engineering capabilities to offer integrated and turnkey solutions from inception to completion – from conceptual planning, general consultancies and design to project management.

We provide reliable services with excellent quality. Our staff are friendly, passionate and always ready for any challenge. We believe a strong bonding between our staff clients, and practices that strive for excellence can pave the way for further development.

We Provide Solutions for a Better Life Experience

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

We specialize in design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and project management of HVAC systems, including chilled ceiling installation, air-cooled refrigeration plants and automatic controls systems for office buildings, commercial complexes, institutions, hotels, hospitals, industrial and residential buildings.

● HVAC Pipe Work

● HVAC Mechanical Fitting

● HVAC Control

● Sheet Metal and Ducting

● Insulation

Smart Home

Our solutions for Smart Home Controlling System are to offer you the home experience by your designated standards in every details. Our system is smart and data-driven,by using sensors and AI calculation, it optimizes the control of your home or facilities’ environment, for the purpose of providing the best living and working experience .

Our Smart Home Controlling System also specialize in Security, Remote Monitoring,  Energy Management, Voice Assistants, Home Theater, Health & Wellness.





Water Heater

A tankless gas water heater  is the most favourable home hot water supply system for the modern world. For that instant and continuous hot water and heat supply, you enjoy every bit of your investment.

With advanced controlling system, our water heaters are getting smarter, allow every user to present their desired temperature, and less energy is required for the same hot water output.