Heating Ventilation and  Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Efficient and reliable climate control is an essential element for a substantial facility. Espically in Hong Kong, where ‘Cold air machines’ (known in Cantonese)  are a way of life, no matter the time of year.

L&Y are proud to offer our HVAC equipments and solutions, from a fully functional ventilation and climate control system for your facility, to home comfort for every family.


Anti-vibration pads and spring mounts are efficient solutions to reduce vibration caused by the operation of the air compressor, and to avoid interrupting noise.

Featured Products

Anti-vibration Products >>

We provide wide selection of anti-vibration products for you HVAC projects, with great performance for a competitive price.

Mounting System and Accessories >>

We provide reliable solutions to settle and secure your equipment so that it will work on its maximum capacity.

Refrigerant Line & Accessories

Hailiang® is a world leading manufactory to provide high quality coppor pipe and fittings. For the best performance, L&Y provide and use high quality components from Hailiang® and orther leading brand.

Featured Products

Copper pipe & Fittings >>

Hailiang® copper pipe and fittings are the best refrigerant line to ensure a smooth operation for your air conditioning equipment.

Refrigerant Line Components >>

Parts to protect your compressor and refrigerant line, and allow your equipment to reach its top performance.

Power Whips and Communication Cable

These cables are the bridge to ensure a sustainable power supply and efficient communication between different parts of the equipment.

Featured Products

Cables and Accessories >>

Power whips and disconnect box for air conditioner power supply and disconnect. Shielded and unshielded communication cable for efficient control signal transmission.

Conduit and Accessories >>

Parts to run the cables and protect the cable from harsh envrionment.


Stylish and easy matching vent to achieve a functional and yet decorative ventilation outlet.

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Grilles and Diffusers >>

Standard or custom designed vent products, a pactical and  nice finish for your ventilation system.

Duct and Accessories >>

Component to build the ventilation network. We provide flexible duct, standard and custom designed metal duct for commercial and residential ventilation projects.

Tools and Accessories

Accessories such as line set cover and condensate management parts may not directly affect performance. However, they are absolutely necessary to improve user experience.

Featured Products

Condensate Management >>

We offer simple but effective solution to compliance with local standards, enjoy your air con without causing unexpected trouble.

Line Set Cover >>

Protective cover for your air conditioner line set, made with eco-friendly material, long lasting and good looking.

Tools >>

A handy tool can make dull work enjoyable.