Energy Management System

Eco-friendly and energy-saving had been the some of the major ideas to affect people on how they will live their lives.

GREE and its innovative Energy Management System provides an integrated energy  solution by combining photocoltaic, reliable DC inverter, energy storage and smart energy distribution, introducing an eco-friendly, efficient and economical home energy usage style.

GREE Solar Power DC Inverter Compressor Multi-Split Air Conditioning System

●Solar Multi-Split Air Conditioner

  • Energy control center
  • Photovoltaic DC-driven technology
  • Three-way inverting technology
  • 5 running modes

●Photovoltaic Panel Array

  • Self-sufficient solar power
  • Weather-proof & Corrosion-resistant
  • High power output
  • High efficient in low light

●Energy Storage Unit

  • Charge and discharge integration
  • Grid-tie system,reliable power supply for peak hours
  • Self-sufficient power source for low usage hours
  • Modular design, ready for future upgrade