Lighting Control System

Lighting control can be easy as an plug-in remote control lights, which representing the lowest barrier to entry, or you would like to get more fun and connect all the lights at home as a system, so they can work accordingly to different scenarios. Either way, you are one step forward to make your home smarter.

GREE Lighting Control System integrates long-distant control, scenario setting and sensor responsive control,  providing just the right lighting control and atmosphere you need.

Smart Control Switch

  • Flyback circuit design
  • Highly compatible, easy installation
  • Stylish and easy matching

Multifunctional Control Setting Penal

  • Highly accessible and easy controlling
  • Local and Cloud data connection, quick responding
  • Stylish and easy matching

Smart Curtain Motor

  • Tender touch start
  • Smart obstruction detection
  • Automatic memorizing Open-Close range
  • Silent design, lower than 35db
  • Strong signal coverage

RGB Relay

  • Highly compatible, works on different power voltage
  • Multi-control, brightness and light temperature