Smart Air Conditioning System

Smart air conditioning system is not just about air conditioner, it also includes ventilation and heating, humidity and so many other factors that you can not tell but highly affects your comfortness, it is the system to control your own climate.

Our smart air conditioning system including an air handling solution and a heating supply solution.  This data-driven system fectures accurate control ,constantly adjustments and high energy efficiency.


  • Wireless control
  • Refresh filtering
  • Fine micron scale mist


  • Powerful moisture removal
  • Smart humidity control
  • Quiet operation

Air Purifier

  • Wireless control
  • CEP air purifing technology
  • High-efficiency filtering

Stand Fan

  • 18db quiet operation
  • Wireless control
  • 22 speed adjustable
  • 14 bionic blades

Cooling Air Fan

  • Cooled air with big air volume
  • Built-in air filter
  • Easy installation and easy cleaning

Tower Fan

  • Wide angle oscillating
  • Built-in handle for easy one-hand carrying
  • Cross flow fan, quiet and efficient
  • Easy cleaning

Electric Heater

  • Patented 30° radiator
  • High efficiency heating unit, 6 second fast heating
  • Three dimension heating

Wall Mount Air Conditioner

  • Wireless control
  • Self-cleaned evaporator
  • AI voice control

Package Air Conditioner

  • Wireless control
  • Self-clearned evaporator
  • AI voice control