Smart Home Appliance

You may never thought about how your home appliances can benefit you a healthy live style. Now GREE smart home appliance introduce some new ideas on how we treat our lives.


  • Instant freezing technology
  • Fresh cold storage
  • Photocatalyst anti-bacteria technology

Wine Cooler

  • Accurate temperature control
  • Smart ecological humidity control
  • Multidimensional suspension system
  • Anti-condensation design

Smart Range Hood

  • Wireless control
  • DC inverter motor
  • High speed and powerful suction

Gas Stove

  • High combustion efficiency
  • 0s igniter system
  • Copper manifold pipe

Sterilizer Cabinet

  • Dual-cabinet with independent control
  • High efficiency sterilizing

Smart Rice Cooker

  • Wireless control
  • IH electromagnetism heating
  • Pure copper composite bowl

Water Filter System

  • 3 Stages particle removal
  • Integrated filter cartridge
  • Innovative water saving technology

Smart Water Heater

  • Wireless i-know® smart control
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Titanium-Ceramics composite core

Smart Washing Machine

  • Wireless smart control
  • DC inverter motor
  • Smart dryer control
  • Vibration suspension structure

Smart Dryer Rack

  • Wireless control
  • Single press up-down control
  • LED light sterilizing

Smart Juicer

  • 89.7% high efficiency juice maker
  • Low speed runs 38rpm for softer fruit
  • Food grade material

Smart Garbage Bin

  • Infrared sensor lid
  • Traditional touch-open mode